How To… | Vault | Pike mount from floor

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This video explains how to teach a pike mount from floor in vault in Wheel Gymnastics

  • 00:00 How to… Pike mount from floor
  • 00:30 What comprises the mounting phase: pike mount from floor
  • 00:56 Desired execution – Take-off position from the floor
  • 01:20 Desired execution – Mounting phase
  • 02:29 Desired execution – Placement of the feet and standing on the wheel
  • 02:54 Pre-exercises without wheel – Check relevant pre-conditions
  • 04:49 Pre-exercises without wheel
  • 07:11 Pre-exercises with wheel stationary
  • 08:15 Pre-exercises with wheel in motion – Position of the wheel to start the mounting phase
  • 08:58 Wheel in motion
  • 09:31 Wheel in motion – Reduce help

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