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The IRV Membership Pass opens up the access to official IRV World Championships for delegations


  • up to 3 gymnasts at IRV events


  • full contingent


  • full contingent


  • full contingent

All membership passes can be purchased online via credit card.

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IRV Membership Overview


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Basic membership  fee p.a.* 100 EUR 600 EUR 900 EUR 1200 EUR
Individual contribution per WC participant p.a.* / 85 EUR 70 EUR 55 EUR
Organisation of and participation in IRV events ** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum number of participants 3 Full contingent Full contingent Full contingent
Votes at General Assembly* 0 2 2 3
Refund for hosting a world championships No refund 600 EUR 900 EUR 1200 EUR
Refund for hosting a Team World Championships No refund 300 EUR 450 EUR 600 EUR
Registration fee per participant for World Championships 80 / 140 EUR

(1 discipline / more

than 1 discipline)

60 / 100 EUR 50 / 85 EUR 40 / 70 EUR
Registration fee per team at Team World Championships 500 EUR 400 EUR 300 EUR 200 EUR
Licence fee for IRV courses 100 EUR 75 EUR 50 EUR 35 EUR
Subsidies for IRV courses organised by IRV members No subsidy IRV pays 50% of the travel costs for one course instructor

(max. 200 EUR)

IRV pays 100% of the travel costs for one certified course instructor

(max. 400 EUR)

IRV pays 100% of the travel costs for two certified course instructors

(max. 800 EUR)