Academy Coaches

Sabine Krumm
Sabine KrummSwitzerland
Sabine is an IRV Vice President and national coach of Switzerland. She has competed in multiple world championships and leads the IRV Academy.
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  • Certified National Coach RhönradSwiss

Katharina Heymann
Katharina HeymannGermany
Katharina is IRV Head of Online Competitions and has a key role in many areas of activity, including judging, competitions and the IRV Academy.
Tanja Stöllinger
Tanja StöllingerAustria
Tanja is national coach in Austria as well as being an IRV Academy Coach.
Cheyenne Rechsteiner
Cheyenne RechsteinerSwitzerland
Cheyenne has won multiple gold medals at IRV world championships and motivates people around the world to fulfil their potential. She is also IRV General Secretary.
Danielle Haliva
Danielle HalivaIsrael
Danielle is a passionate wheel gymnastics coach in Israel with her own club “Gyro Wheel Gymnastics”. She is also an active member of the IRV Media Team.
Valérie Inertie
Valérie InertieCanada, Germany
Valérie is a Cyr Wheel coach, artist, and choreographer in Canada and Germany. She is a former gymnast and also uses her dancing experience when performing and coaching.
  • Certified Gymnastic Coach by National Coaching Certification Program

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