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2021 Online All Around Competition

September 1 - November 30

2022 World Championships

2022, May 23 - 2022, May 29

2023 Team World Championships

2023, May 19 - 2023, May 21

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Open Positions @ IRV

The IRV voluntary team is growing and we are looking for new members of our team, to support the development of our sport.

Are you interested in working with us in one of the following positions?

Head of Cyr Wheel 2022




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About the IRV

The IRV (International Wheel Gymnastics Federation)
is the international representative body for the sport of wheel gymnastics.

The IRV organises the World Championships, Team World Cup, coaching courses, judging courses, training and youth camps. It is also responsible for the international Code of Points and certification of international judges and coaches. The IRV is based in Switzerland and has an executive board and technical commission comprising nine representatives from different countries who work on a voluntary basis to pave the way forward for the federation.

There are three competitive disciplines within regular wheel gymnastics: straight-line, spiral and vault. Another form of wheel gymnastics, the Cyr wheel, was added to the IRV’s competitive programme in 2013. The Cyr wheel (a wheel with only one rim and no handles), with its alternative and innovative moves, provides an added dimension to the fascination of wheel gymnastics.

The history of rolling:

25 years IRV

Founded in 1995 in Bern (Switzerland), the International Wheel Gymnastics Federation IRV turned 25 in 2020. We celebrated this anniversary with a 13 minute video summary “25 years of #WheelGymnastics“.

25 years IRV
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