About the Academy

We build the academy of Wheel Gymnastics to create, collect and spread knowledge to everyone

Purpose of the IRV Academy Team

It is one of the key activities of the IRV to create, collect and spread knowledge about the sport of wheel gymnatics across all five continents. We have initiated our #WheelGymnastics Academy as a platform for coaches around the world to share their knowledge and help others to grow.

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Training Sessions, Videos & Courses

Meet people from all over the world physically, could be expensive and time-consuming.
That’s why we are aiming to offer most of the training sessions & courses virtually!

It is our goal to collect and spread existing knowledge and contents in the Wheel Gymnastics Online Academy, This IRV initiative offers the technical platform to bring all contents together in one place, to make them accessible for Wheel Gymnastics enthusiasts around the world.

You can register for virtual training sessions with international coaches, get new ideas for your local training with a video workout of our Academy Coaches or enroll for a virtual course to learn new skills.


Video Workouts

Our Online Video Workouts are available to support your local training activities, whether in the gym or at home.


Academy Coaches

Sabine Krumm
Sabine KrummSwitzerland
Sabine is has participated for Switzerland in various World Championships. Today she shares her knowledge as coach to younger gymnasts. Sabine has been elected as IRV Vice President in 2020.
Katharina Heymann
Katharina HeymannGermany
Katharina orchestrates the activities of the Wheel Gymnatics Academy
Tanja Stöllinger
Tanja StöllingerAustria
Tanja is National Coach in Austria
Cheyenne Rechsteiner
Cheyenne RechsteinerSwitzerland
Cheyenne won multiple gold medals at World Championships and motivates people around the world to grow beyond their limits
Danielle Haliva
Danielle HalivaIsrael
Danielle is passionate Wheel Gymnastics Coach in Israel with her own club “Gyro Wheel Gymnastics”