#International Wheel Gymnastics Federation

IRV Articles of Association

Excerpt of IRV Articles of Association

1  Name, Location and Purpose

1.1      Name

The name “International Wheel Gymnastics Federation”, referred to hereafter as “IRV”, is a politically, financially and religiously independent association according to Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code.

1.2      Location

The IRV is located at the administrative headquarters of SATUS Switzerland.

1.3      Purpose

  1. The purpose of the IRV is to spread information about and promote wheel gymnastics. It co-ordinates measures in order to achieve this purpose.
  2. The IRV plans and organises an extensive programme of events.
  3. The IRV Competition Regulations and International Code of Points provide the foundation for its programme of international events.
  4. The IRV is an exclusively non-profit organisation.
  5. The IRV supports a respectful and fair attitude to sport in accordance with the Charter for Ethics in Sport.