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We offer and organize an attractive, high-quality competitive arena for Wheel Gymnastics

The IRV Team “World Championships” builds together with the local organizer the organizing committee for IRV World Championships. They are responsible for the competition format itself, the media coverage and judging topics. The local hosts organize accommodation and food for all delegation members.


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1995 World Championships

1995, January 1 - 1995, December 31

1997 World Championships

1997, May 13 - 1997, May 15

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IRV Competition Formats

The IRV organizes in cooperation with local hosts the #WheelGymnastics World Championships, which are held every year alternately as Individual Championships or Team Championships.

The IRV World Championships are open for gymnasts turning 14 years in the year of a World Championship. All gymnasts from IRV member countries may start at IRV World Championships, when they qualified by the rules of the IRV member federation. A member delegation can send up to five competitions in each competition category.

IRV World Championships

IRV Team World Championships

Age Groups

The regulations for age groups are defined in the IRV Competition Rules.

1.1. Age Groups

  • Junior girls/boys
    • 14 – 18 years (see also 2/1.5.2b)
  • Senior women/men
    • 16 +

1.5.2 Minimum age and eligibility (excerpt)

The minimum age for participation in the world championships is 14. The actual age of the gymnast at the time of the competition is not the deciding factor, but the gymnast must have his/her fourteenth birthday in the competition year.

Gymnasts who have their 16th birthday in the competition year (or older) may take part in the senior category. Gymnasts who have their 19th birthday in the competition year (or older) must take part in the senior category.

Competition Rules
Event Year Host City Junior / Junior Team Senior / Senior Team
Team World Championships 2021 (May) Leipzig, Germany 2003 – 2007 2007+
Individual World Championships 2021 (July) New Jersey, USA 2002* – 2007 2005+
Individual World Championships 2022 n/a
Team World Championships 2023 n/a

* As an exception and due to the postponement of the 2020 WC, the IRV has decided to permit gymnasts born in 2002 to compete in the junior category at the 2021 WC. However, the final decision lies with your country. Delegations can decide whether their gymnasts born in 2002 start in the junior or in the senior category. Maximum numbers of registered gymnasts per category must be respected.

#World Championships

Framework Conditions

World Championships
Team World Championships

How to host IRV World Championships?

You want to host a World Championship, Team World Championships or other events in cooperation with the IRV? We summarized helpful information regarding the organisation of championships in the framework conditions.

The IRV Board will decide on applications within a max. 3 months period. If a member plans to apply for IRV events, it can send a formless letter of intent (LoI) to the IRV Board to discuss the framework conditions of the event.

  1. Letter of intent
  2. Official application
  3. Decision by IRV Board
  4. Signed Championship Contract
  5. Official Announcement

#World Championships

Meet the team

Günter Fischer
Günter FischerIRV Vice-President
Jasmin Braunwalder
Jasmin BraunwalderCompetition Officer
Miriam Kaufmann
Miriam KaufmannHead of Gym Wheel Regulations
Miriam is the IRV Head of Gym Wheel Regulations.
Gerlind Vollmer
Gerlind VollmerHead of Media
Gerlind is journalist and handles all media inquiries for the IRV