Successful International Belgian Open 2024

Eupen – Belgium – 23 March

The International Belgian Open and Eupen Pokal took place the weekend before Easter (23-24 March) in the East-Belgian city of Eupen. More than 250 gymnasts from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine and the United States, took part in the competition weekend.

The competition was divided into two events; the International Belgian Open on Saturday and the Eupen Pokal on Sunday. The International Belgian Open is an IRV Certified competition, an all around competition at the highest international level. More than 60 gymnasts took part in the International Belgian Open categories: Senior, Junior (up to 18 years), Youth A (up to 14 years) and Youth B (easy access all around competition). Once again, there was a top class field of participants including several world champions and world championship medalists. Many of the participants from the Belgian Open will compete this summer at the World Championships in Almere in the Netherlands.

The Senior competition was won by Austrian gymnast Malena Kernacs (with total points 46.125) in front of Inbar Armoni from Israel (with 42.050). Lara Patzer from Belgium took the bronze medal (with 40.400).

The Junior competition was won by Naomi Livne from Israel (with total points 45.200) in front of Sophie Julius from Germany (with 43.950) and Maayan Ofer from Israel (with 41.950) from Israel.

The Youth A competition was won by 11 year-old Maria Kaas from Belgium (with total points 40.900) from Belgium. Maria was the youngest participant in the Belgian Open and she won in front of Roni Liad (with 40.250) and Lilach Laufer (with 37.550), both from Israel.

The easy access all around competition in the Youth B category was won by Mia Rose Glozman (with total points 34.400) from Israel in front of Joanna Delnoy (33.050) from Belgium and Lena Bierfreund (32.550) from Germany.

On Sunday, it was time for the Eupen Pokal, a competition that addresses gymnasts of all levels: beginners, recreational gymnasts and competitive gymnasts. Almost 200 gymnasts took part in the Sunday competition.

The next edition of the International Belgian Open will follow tradition and take place the weekend before Easter 2025, with the International Belgian Open on Saturday 12 April 2025 and the Eupen Pokal on sunday 13 April 2025.

The wheel gymnastics community in Belgium is growing. The number of wheel gymnastics clubs in Belgium is increasing and there are ongoing plans to open new clubs. Belgium is a Bronze Member of the IRV.