Dear friends of wheel gymnastics,

As you might know a working group of the IRV is currently working on substantial changes for the code of points in gym wheel. The aim of the new regulations is to guarantee a fair and transparent scoring system for future gym wheel competitions.

We want to give you a brief update on the current developments regarding this project:

  • During the last months, all previous changes and updates to the code of points have been integrated to provide complete current regulations for all three gym wheel disciplines. Vault and spiral are already online, while straight-line will be made available by the end of September 2019.
  • We are now working on the new code of points for 2020+. Good progress has been achieved so far, but we are still facing a huge amount of work to realize this enormous project. As well as developing a new scoring system, we need to plan the process of testing and implementing it. The training of judges will be integrated into this plan.
  • At the moment, our aim is to implement the new code of points for gym wheel by January 2022. This means that the first IRV competition using the new scoring system will be the world championships 2022. Nevertheless, we will publish regular updates on the status quo of this project and we will present the first version of the new system at the world championships 2020 in the United States.
  • Until then, we will continue our efforts and commitment to provide a complete and sustainable scoring system for the future of gym wheel competitions.