Dear friends of Wheel Gymnastics and IRV member countries,

We were informed that the changes in the Judges Registration Formalities as recently published within the Competition Rules 2020 have led to some misunderstandings and unexpected challenges. Countries have already planned for the World Championships 2020 in New York and the changes in the “new” Judges Registration Formalities would have affected them a lot.

The Competition Rules 2020 should have been published in September 2019, but extensive discussions beyond our annual meeting made this impossible. We apologize for the delay and have now changed the new regulations back to the old rules that were valid for the WC 2018 in Magglingen/Switzerland.

However, we have kept our new option for countries/delegations that register gymnasts for Gym Wheel AND Cyr Wheel competitions (e.g. Germany and the USA). These countries will be able to reduce their necessary number of judges by one judge if they are able to nominate a judge who is qualified for both Gym and Cyr Wheel (see 1.6.3 in Competition Rules 2020 (v1-1)).

We really hope that everybody will be happy with this decision and are looking forward to seeing you all at the 2020 World Championships in New York.