A report by Wolfgang Bientzle:

  • Everything is leading to the World Championship and Wheel FEST July 13-19 2020 in New York.
  • Fun at Willye White Park and Gale School- Instructors of top level like at no other Wheel event in the Americas. Two days of intensive workshop for performers , athletes, coaches and judges.
  • 10 new judges registrations at this wheel weekend which is going to next developed area for USA Wheel to present as well a comfortable solid TEAM USA judging panel at Worlds 2020.
  • The goal has to be that TEAM USA is going to be represented by the max allowed participants per Nation, 30 in total. While the Gym Wheelers Team  of 5 girls, 5 boys, 5 men and 5 women is only asking : who will represent the USA in New York. The Cyr Wheelers of the USA are still holding back .If any Cyr Wheeler wants to know how the qualification is running, check out www.usawheelgymnastics.com.

Nationals and Trials :

Madison Circus Space won three titles, Chicago Wheel Jam 2 and Circus Kazoo 1 National Title.

Our strongest field to pick up spots at the finals at Worlds and having chances to pick up maybe medal is the Senior Gym Wheel . Aiken Thompson Wheel JAM  won his first National title in front of his Wheel JAM team mate Casey Crowe. Both were finalists at the last junior World Championship . Drew Dickelman became. Strong comeback from Prado Keme after not competing for two years with solid technical performances and international difficulty and quality.

The defending Champion Jennifer Richard’s ( Circus Kazoo) put all her routines within one year up to the international top ten level . Besides vault her new difficulty isn’t stabilized yet, which cause five falls. Jennifer is  aiming to be the first USA female contender to make a top 10 All Around ranking in New York. She was beaten by a clean Carly Schune , Madison Circus Space..

With a wonderful  and solid performance USA TEAM member 2018  Becky Rabensdorf became a surprising but well deserved 3rdranked. Her music routine to “Kill Bill” soundtrack  was original and in the fitting yellow fight suite  Uma Thurman was wearing in the movie. In 2018 Becky just made in onto TEAM USA- It seems that this gave her motivation.

Nich Hodge the only TEAM USA Cyr wheel member from 2018 won his first National Cyr Wheel title followed by Angle Flores. Nich ranked fifth at the 2018 World Championship aims definitely for much higher ranking on home turf in 2020. His routines were jam pact with difficulty and originality.

Thank you to all judges and supporting coaches .

A good stable presentation 1 ½ years before New York, but still a long way to go. Let’s roll together and  #2020New York