#World Championships 2022

COVID-19 Policy for upcoming IRV World Championships

The IRV World Championships will be carried out under the official Danish Government Covid-19 rules valid at the time of the championships.

Please inform yourself here and remember that the situation/rules can change:

Rules and regulations (coronasmitte.dk)

Corona-safe travel in Denmark – VisitDenmark

The IRV places high priority on the health and safety of all participants and accompanying persons. The IRV World Championships 2022 will therefore be staged within the official Corona Rules of the Danish government valid at the time of the event. These rules will count as the minimum standard for carrying out the event (see links above).

Checking and fulfilling the requirements for travelling to and entering Denmark is the responsibility of the participating delegations/nations. If necessary, the IRV can provide written confirmation of registration for the competition.

In addition to the above-mentioned provisions, the IRV retains the right to implement additional measures to limit the spreading of the Coronavirus, e.g. use of face masks, supervised antigen rapid tests, exclusion of persons with positive test results or persons who disregard the protective measures.

The IRV recommends all persons to have full valid Corona vaccine protection.

The costs for necessary tests, possible quarantine or hospitalisation must be paid by the gymnasts/delegations themselves and are not covered by the IRV.