A report by Achim Pitz:

On the weekend before eastern the 5th edition of the international Belgian-Open & the Eupen-Pokal took place in Eupen, a city in the east of Belgium. More than 200 Gymansts from Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Denmark, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands took part in the competition weekend.

The competition was divided in the high level all around competition on sathurday, with around 50 Gymnasts in the 3 categories Youth, Junior and Senior.

On Sunday there was the Eupen-Pokal, a competition that adresses gymnasts of all levels : beginners, recreational gymnatsts and competitive gymnasts. More than 150 gymnasts took part in the sunday competition. In the Eupen Pokal each discipline was counted separately with different podiums for each discipline.

The Senior Competition at the International Belgian-Open was won by Luana Buger from Brasil in front of Birgit Halwachs and Veronika Brunnauer both from Austria.

The Junior Competition was won by Malena Kernacs from Austria in front of Anna Abeler from Germany and Lara Patzer from Belgium.

The Youth Competition was won by Marie Gangl from Austria, while the second place was shared between Maayan Kiesler from Israel and Luise Abeler from Germany.

Many participants combined the competition with the Trainingscamp in Taunusstein which was held right after the Belgian-open.

The sixt edition of the International Belgian-Open will again take place on the weekend before eastern, with the International Belgian-Open on sathurday 4th of April and the Eupen-Pokal on sunday 5th of April. It will again be possible to combine the competition and the Trainingcamp in Taunusstein.

The wheel-gymnatsics community in Belgium is growing. New clubs have opened in the last years and the preparation to open other new clubs are going on. Belgium is Bronze Member of the IRV.


Siegerliste Belgian-Open 2019

Resultate Eupen-Pokal 2019

Junior Teamranking Belgian-Open


Photos taken by Bart Treurenwww.rhonrad.eu