IRV Academy Hollywood Days – Season 2

New “how to” videos from 26 February 2024

After the success and high demand for the “how to” videos resulting from the first IRV Hollywood Days organised in Belgium in 2022, we decided to repeat the experience with the IRV Hollywood Days 2023. This time nine coaches from five different countries met in Fallersleben / Germany.

Hauke Narten and his Cyr crew were fantastic hosts, providing three different gyms, an ingenious cooking machine and entertaining side events. No one was allowed to leave Fallersleben without having at least tried one spin in a Cyr Wheel.

However, in addition to all the fun had by all, there was plenty of hard work. The coaches had prepared detailed scripts beforehand, all of which were thoroughly checked by IRV Academy Head, Sabine Krumm. Each script went through about 5 version checks before being approved – but the meticulous preparation was worth it. The filming on 14 and 15 October 2023 went incredibly smoothly and you could always hear different voices in the gyms, saying: “Forward hip circle, scene 1” or “Small spiral side front support scene 17”. The ten gymnasts from Fallersleben Wheel Gymnastics Club had to suffer a bit, because what is usually achieved during several months of training had to be shown during the Hollywood Days in one single morning or afternoon. A massive thank you and shoutout to the Fallersleben girls who tirelessly repeated all the exercises again and again.

The IRV is extremely happy with the results. We were able to film approximately 30 videos for Cyr and Gym Wheel and are being finalised as we speak. The first videos are ready to be published and from 26 February they will be released weekly on the IRV YouTube channel. Tune in, you will get valuable training tips, practice exercises and explanations of how to learn basic A and B elements. The videos also show variations for advanced wheelers.

Enjoy Season 2 of the IRV “how to” videos – practise, learn and have fun!