Judges for Belgian Open 2023 needed!

Practice for new Code of Points 2023+

Dear friends!

The Belgian Open 2023 is a well established annual high-level gym wheel competition in Eupen, Belgium. It will take place on 1st April this year.

Competition judges needed

The organisation team is currently looking for judges who are willing to judge at the competition. The competition will be judged based on the “old” gym wheel code of points. If you are interested in supporting the organisers as a judge, please contact Achim Pitz directly.

Practice opportunity for new Code of Points 2023+

In addition, we are looking for judges who would like to practise the new gym wheel regulations (Code of Points 2023+) at the competition under supervision of the IRV judging team. Ideally, these judges should already have gained knowledge of the new code of points by attending the IRV judging course or by self-learning. This is a perfect opportunity to practise and ask questions in preparation for the 2023 IRV Team World Championships in July. If this sounds like an offer you cannot refuse, please register your interest with Achim Pitz.

We appreciate your commitment and hope to see a lot of judges at this year’s Belgian Open.

Kind regards

IRV Judging Team

Miriam Kaufmann, Alexander Müller, Katharina Heymann