Have you been working on a new element or vault?

Following the publication of the new Code of Points 2023+ earlier this year, the IRV is now ready to receive submissions for new element and vaults. Please see the following guidelines for more information.

Code of Points 2023+

Guidelines for submission of new difficulty elements and vaullts

Gymnasts are encouraged to submit new elements and vaults that are currently not in the IRV difficulty catalogue(s). The following rules apply (May 2023):


  • The new element or vault must be submitted by the national judging officer to the IRV Office (office@wheelgymnastics.sport) before September 30 for inclusion in the following year’s difficulty catalogue(s) (published in January).
  • All accepted elements and vaults will be posted on the IRV’s YouTube channel in January.
  • Elements in straight-line with an E rating will be included in the difficulty catalogue starting in 2025 (submission before September 30, 2024).


  • The new element or vault must be recorded in good quality using a landscape format (16:9) in HD (1280×720 pixels) or full HD (1920×1080 pixels).
  • The recording must be made from a fixed position, showing the entire wheel.
  • The new element or vault can be performed in a competition or a training setting.
  • The gymnast must wear competition clothes as defined in the current IRV competition rules.
  • One coach is permitted to spot the gymnast but must not touch the gymnast or the wheel during the whole recording. When spotting the gymnast, the coach must ensure not to block the view on the submitted element or vault.

Prerequisites for evaluation

  • Submission of new element:
    • The recording must show the element including the transitions in and out of the element.
    • In case the gymnast performs a previous or subsequent element, this element must be cut from the recording prior to submission.
    • The new element will only be evaluated if performed without a fall or assistance from the coach.
  • Submission of new vault:
    • The recording must show the full vault including the setting in motion of the wheel and the finishing pose with legs together after landing.
    • The new element will only be evaluated if the gymnast lands the vault feet first and demonstrates that the wheel has the correct size as stated in the current IRV Code of Points.
  • A detailed description of the new element/vault must be provided.


  • The IRV Code of Points team is responsible for evaluating the new element or vault.
  • The IRV Code of Points team may consult external individuals on the difficulty of the submitted element or vault.