Dear members, dear gymnasts,

the Competition Rules 2021 were approved by the IRV in October and are now ready to be used.

There are some major changes which include the already announced news that from 2021 on the Competition Framework lists Junior Team World Championships (together with the Senior Team World Championships – see point 1.4) and also Junior All Around Finals (within the Individual World Championships – see point 1.3.6 a).

Another change affects the Cyr Wheel Competitions at the World Championships, where no longer two separate Cyr Wheel World titles will be awarded (see point 1.3.7 and Appendix).

One other part of the Competition Rules that needed to be adapted is point 1.5.2 Minimum age and eligibility. Please check this passage carefully.

Apart from the above mentioned changes only minor amendments or adjustments were made. But if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IRV via