Photo: Bart Treuren

IRV Initiatives 2022

What we have worked on in 2022

The IRV Executive Board wants to get more clarity and transparency into its own work and objectives. We have worked during the last months of 2022 on a new website page “IRV Initiatives”, where we aim to provide more context about the work of the IRV team.

In the first overview of our main initiatives in 2022, we have included:

You can find a detailed description of these four 2022 initiatives on the website. Some initiatives have had high priority, such as the Code of Points 2023+, where the team has invested hundreds of hours to finalise the new regulations. In other areas, we have not yet completed our work, but have clear concepts that we are in the process of implementing.

Furthermore, we are currently discussing our strategic initiatives for 2023. This discussion is still ongoing and we are in contact with IRV member countries to discuss ideas with us and suggest strategic topics that can bring our sport forwards.