New Gym Wheel Code of Points will be implemented in 2023

Letter from the IRV Code of Points Team

Dear gymnasts, coaches and judges,

During the last weeks we have received numerous questions regarding the new Gym Wheel Code of Points. We are aware of your strong interest as many of you are starting your preparation for upcoming events. It is therefore important that we provide clear information on how we will proceed with this project:

First of all, we want to share the most important information with you:

For the next world championships in Denmark 2022, the existing current version of the Gym Wheel Code of Points will be used. This includes the general regulations and difficulty catalogues for the straight-line, spiral and vault disciplines.

The IRV Code of Points Team is continuing to work hard on the new regulations, but some parts require more time. In addition to the completion of a new Code of Points, we are also developing concepts for judges’ training, so that the introduction of new regulations can be implemented as smoothly as possible when the time comes.

Under the current circumstances, we do not believe it will be possible to complete, test and teach the new system in time for the Individual World Championships in 2022, and have therefore decided to postpone its implementation until the Team World Championships in 2023.

In the meantime, we will start to test the new Code of Points with a team of experts, starting in autumn 2021. The final version of the new regulations will be presented and published in connection with the 2022 World Championships and a judges’ training programme will start immediately afterwards.

As a consequence of the above decision, there will be no addition of new skills until after the individual world championships in Denmark in 2022.

We hope that this information clarifies your questions and concerns.

We look forward to seeing you in Denmark next year and hope that you are now all back in training after the COVID-induced break.

Best wishes and good luck with your preparation for the next season of competitions!

The IRV Gym Wheel Code of Points Team

July 2021

IRV Code of Points Team

Miriam Kaufmann
Miriam KaufmannHead of Gym Wheel Regulations
Miriam is the IRV Head of Gym Wheel Regulations.
Alexander Müller
Alexander MüllerExpert Code of Points 2.0
Alex is our expert behind the new Code of Points