Dear Cyr Wheelers,
After an international CYR meeting in Austria in November, two minor changes were made to the 2019 regulations:
  1. “Prevention of a fall” (0.2 deduction per occurrence) was moved from “execution deductions” to “independent deductions” (for both technical and artistic programmes)
  2. Calculation of the maximum score for the technical programme was changed from (DIFFICULTY) + (2 x EXECUTION) = maximum 15 points …. to → 1.5 x (DIFFICULTY + EXECUTION) = maximum 15 points
We also ask gymnasts to be particularly aware of the regulations for measuring the length of the artistic programme:
“Maximum length of routine: 3 minutes and 15 seconds from giving the sign to switch on the music to adopting the final pose. The gymnast does not have to start or finish with the music.”